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    Pinky and Perky get Online Auction Fever … 2008 eBay Addiction?

    By DBL | December 31, 2008

    Anorak was watching The (new) Pinky & Perky Show on TV (with the kids honest) to see how much my favourite childhood TV show had changed at the hands of the modern day TV makers.

    Pinky and Perky were one of those one-a-day black & white kids TV shows, no Sky then, 3 channels if you were lucky enough to be able to get BBC2.   The eBay search for Pinky & Perky brings some great memories from the days gone by of my late Brother & I sitting watching these gems of yesteryear, I had an egg cup and small plate and various other bits & bobs.   

    Now before I feel too old, it seems I share an addiction with the 20th century Perky and that is an eBay Addiction – see this post, or Online Auction Fever as stated in the programme.

    Perky bought 200 alarm clocks, the worlds largest pea, the worlds smallest violin (I use this regularly) and got left with the worlds longest bill and fainted when it was time to pay . With tales of account hijacking I must admit it was amusing.

    You can see the episode Lights, Camera, Auction here on BBC iPlayer but for those of you who want to reminisce click below … priceless!

    Anorak is feeling old, what did you watch when you were a kiddywink?

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