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    Anorak’s eBay beginners best tips!

    By DBL | February 4, 2009

    I’ve been asked many questions by many people about best tips for selling on eBay. Most answers start with ‘It depends …’

    The most typical question is …  ‘What should I sell?’

    And the answer? It depends … What are you passionate about?  What do you know about?  What are you interested in?

    So here’s a few quick tips for eBay selling:

    What to sell?

    Best start by selling your unwanted items from around the home, if you haven’t used it for a year you’re not likely to need it for a good while yet and when you do, you’ll want a new one, so get rid of it!  Unwanted gifts are a great one for this, those well meaning ghastly patterned woolly jumpers that dear Auntie Doris still thinks you’ll grow into even though you’re 37.  We all have something.

    This will allow you to ‘learn the ropes’ and gather some feedback in the process of recycling your unwanted items for cash.

    Your Listings

    Your listings should have a good title, forget the L@@K & WOW! because no one in their right mind will search for a WOW or a L@@K (wonder what they are going for lately?)

    You have 55 characters, use them all, fill them with words that people will use to search for your item (keywords) and don’t waste them with words they won’t. Check your spelling too!

    Next is a write a good description, use a keyword rich description, fully describe your item, highlight any damage, defects or flaws, it’ll save you a lot of grief later.  Use measurements in your description especially if you are selling clothes etc, put the measurements from collar to base of garment and sleeve length etc. as size varies from garment to garment. 

    Include any model letters/numbers in the item description i.e. ‘nikon coolpix 7500 camera ‘rather than just ‘nikon camera’. Format your description in paragraphs, use bullet points and check your spelling. Keep it brief and to the point, don’t make threats in your listing e.g. If you don’t pay I’ll … it puts buyers off.

    Pack your items well & weigh them on your own kitchen or bathroom scales and visit the Royal Mail website’s price finder so you know your postage costs up front. Send your items by recorded means so you have a tracking number should anything go missing. Free postage is now the best option on eBay so yo may wish to add this to your start price, the lower the start price the better.

    Next is use good pictures, plain background, plenty of light (outside is best without photographic equipment) and TURN THE FLASH OFF! Cut and resize your picture with your camera’s editing software so your item is not just a dot in the middle.

    And the last of these few vague tips, and by no means the least, think like a buyer, if you tell the truth about defects, damage etc, your buyer will trust you more and you are more likely get a sale.

    Very few & vague tips here, ebay is a learning curve and well I could write a book if there weren’t so many about already.  To recommend a good guide I would suggest Make Money on eBay UK
    and Make Serious Money on EBay UK by Dan Wilson he is a former ebay employee and eBay University lecturer.  You can ‘read all about him’ here.

    Enough! Anorak zipped, too cold, too much snow!

    It’s time for you to type, what are your top eBay tips?


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