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    A tale of a Postwoman, Celine Dion Tickets & eBay

    By DBL | April 1, 2009

    I have to share this story with you in my local paper The Burton Mail. A Royal Mail worker intercepted a pair of Celine Dion tickets and her partner sold them on eBay.  When the buyer tried to use the tickets for the concert … they were turned away at the door of the NEC as their tickets were reported missing and cancelled. This ended in two successful convictions.

    After my latest rant regarding the sale of tickets on eBay on Tamebay, it really is annoying how easy it was for the RM worker to intercept them and that the investigation didn’t start until after the buyer was refused entry, missing postal items of this value should be investigated earlier.

    The moral of the story is, don’t sell nicked stuff on eBay, you will eventually get caught, eBay cooperate with the authorities fully (including HMRC) so beware, and for the buyer thieves no longer look like Bill Sikes but are part of the invisibility the Internet can provide.  By checking feedback and using Paypal you can minimise the risk and if you do get ripped off there is a better tracing mechanism. 

    And the comments on the Tamebay post saying eBay should do more for buyer protection then that’s another more lengthy blog discussion as is the safety of our mail in general from those ‘missing’ items. The US take a firmer stance when it comes to mail fraud and maybe Royal Mail should too.

    Anorak has packing to do and is to trust Royal Mail again this week. How often do you put your trust in the Royal Mail and do they let you down?


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