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    TG Green Cornishware Pottery’s coming home!

    By DBL | May 30, 2009

    Anorak read in the local paper this week about TG Green Pottery coming back to it’s South Derbyshire (UK) roots.  The Burton Mail article tells of the company being repatriated to it’s home in Church Gresley and is hoping to employ some of it’s former staff.

    The popular blue and white striped cornishware pottery has enjoyed a healthy interest and matching prices on eBay.

    The Burton Mail says: 

    Despite continuing popularity, the firm went into administration in 2007 and the blue and white pottery became scarce, demanding breathtaking prices on online auction site eBay.

    I’m sure the new pottery will have a different mark than the familliar one’s collected on eBay so I don’t think that the prices will change too much.

    An Open day at Sharpe’s Pottery Museum in Swadlincote has been held in hope of finding more of the former experienced workers, with a Cornish Blue Cream tea to boot!

    Great news for Anorak’s local area, shame about Mason Cash and also Bretby Art Pottery who were also casualties of recent times in this once pottery rich area.

    Do you know anyone who worked there? Do you have any memories of Gresley Potteries?

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