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    eBay’s Deal of the Day, Have You Saved?

    By DBL | June 1, 2009

    For anyone who hasn’t noticed the new orange blob at the top of the eBay pages over the last couple of weeks,  Anorak will explain.

    eBay’s new Deal of the Day changes at 10am each day giving a product at an amazing discount.

    Anorak’s OH had a pair of Puma Trainers P&P free for £20 that should have been £80 from Branch309 other offers were from Next DirectorySchuh Footwear Online  Anorak’s personal favourite and Littlewoods Clearance. On Wednesday of last week,  Argos eBay Clearance Store  had 400 Triton Showers on the Deal of the Day for 75% less than RRP that sold out in an hour.

    While great for the buyer (Anorak included) the deal of the day is on the eBay home page and if you satisfy certain criteria for this slot is ideal for clearing the warehouse of redundant stock, See what eBay’s Deal of the Day is here!

    eBay is fast becoming the place for established business to trade and to liquidate stock quickly.  Any company wanting to sell stock quickly, instant payment before despatch, low start up costs and an instant global market (or just the markets you choose to sell to) waiting to buy their product is a very valuable tool indeed especially during a recession.

    I read a tweet from fellow GF4B member Dave from IntegritUs yesterday:

    Life is not about waiting for storms to pass…..it’s about learning to dance in the rain. I’m dancing!

    It’s OK to learn a different dance, I did,  from HR/Payroll to eBay and never looked back, I even have the T-shirt and the Anorak LOL.

    Anorak must get back to the  eBay dance, I’m singing now too, all the way to the bank as they say (or is that Paypal?)


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    4 Responses to “eBay’s Deal of the Day, Have You Saved?”

    1. Givemestrength Says:
      June 2nd, 2009 at 2:47 pm

      I am pretty sure these deals have been set up along time in advance so the stock can be on display at an overly inflated price for the min 30 day period (i think) eg that t-shirt today for example £50 FFS from Littlewoods! do me a favour…

      I know im a cynical old sod 🙂

    2. Givemestrength Says:
      June 2nd, 2009 at 3:38 pm

      Yep, B&Q and Homebase do it all the time.

      I don’t actually think it was much of a deal, ok it’s a brand I agree but it’s not nike or addidas…puma was the make you didnt want your mum or dad to buy you when you were a kid, puma or gola = no street cred.

      £3 a pop straight out of a sweat shop full of 8 year old chinese kids.

      Cynical, moi? never.

    3. Givemestrength Says:
      June 2nd, 2009 at 4:00 pm

      For sure, I know thats how most of it is manufactured, I meant in the context of the price £20 for £3 item, I guess most firms do it.

      As for eBay, do I like anything about it? not sure really, as a buyer I just don’t even look at it these days but I think that has more to do with the way they treated me last year as opposed to the sellers who are on there, most seem a good bunch.

      As a seller, how long have you got !?

    4. Givemestrength Says:
      June 2nd, 2009 at 8:11 pm

      eBay has been very good for me financially I can’t argue with that, if you can put up with the pain and stress of constant changes then eBay is a pot of gold, last year I was at breaking point and I asked myself many times “is all this money really worth all this feckin grief” well I am still here but I have to say it is touch and go on an almost weekly basis, my websites could support me and the family now and we could have a good lifestyle, at the moment eBay makes it a really really good lifestyle, I love eBay and I love what it has done for me over the years, but seriously the last 16 months have been a real headache.

      As for the PS board, not so sure about that, I recieved a life time ban 3/4 years ago so if I was mentioned it wasn’t by me lol

      I can still read it though, and shit don’t change from one year to the next, same old faces moaning aobut the same old things, no wonder they don’t do any business!