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    Might as well face it I’ve neglected m’ blog!

    By DBL | September 6, 2009

    Last blog post was July 12th, what has Anorak been doing since then?  Well, the kids have been off school for a start, eBay sales have been up, despite me trying to keep them at a manageable level, I’ve gone up another Powerseller level too.

    I have been spending more time with my eBay business clients, one of which (who has an existing bricks & Morter business) I’ve been coaching over her first 3 months on eBay. Her new eBay Shop is doing very well, she will qualify as a Powerseller at the next update and is also eligible for the new TRS (Top Rated Seller) Program.

    The last major thing devouring my time has been the start of my one 2 one eBay training classes. These are intensive Basics of Safe & Successful Selling classes tailored to the individuals’ needs.  All new sellers are at different levels and I believe that large classes (any more than 5) do not benefit the individual as much as the very small group and one 2 one classes.

    If you are interested in business consultancy service, the one 2 one or small group eBay training classes especially in the DE1, DE11, LE65 and surrounding areas you can contact me HERE. Funding for eBay training may be avaiable in the East Midlands for businesses wishing to expand into eBay and who satisfy certain criteria, please contact Derbyshire Business Link  for details.

    Anorak is off to plan the very busy week ahead!

    Later peeps! 🙂

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