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    It’s Time to Talk about the Postal Strike :-/

    By DBL | October 17, 2009

    Anorak got a phone call from The Burton Mail’s chief reporter yesterday asking for my opinion on the current Royal Mail industrial action.  An excerpt from our conversation is in the article in today’s local paper

    It’s time for Royal Mail & the CWU to sit down and talk to each other for the sake of many small businesses, not just on eBay, who rely on not only getting their products out to customers but also the receipt of payments and important documents to continue the smooth running of their businesses.

    I stand by the opinion that for three quarters of CWU members to vote for strike action things must be pretty bad, but I also run a business and help others to set up and run their businesses via eBay. For those who only sell light weight items there aren’t any viable alternatives to RM. eBay are themselves negotiating some good rates with couriers and after this action is over many eBay and Amazon sellers sampling a more reliable service will not go back to Royal Mail but again for light weight/low value items, couriers are not a viable alternative.

    After the strike action is over, these employees will go back to their jobs but small businesses and the general public are left to face the consequences of the stock piles of delayed mail and loss claims from dissatisfied customers without their products.  These small businesses are the large employers of the future, this is not the time to add to the already heavy burden of the current climate, the survival of these businesses is important for the UK’s economic growth and it’s recovery.

    Just like any partnership, it’s about give and take and it’s not just about talking to each other, but just as importantly, it’s about listening and aiming to find a suitable compromise for both parties.

    Just my personal opinion.

    Royal Mail, CWU …   it’s time to talk!

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