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    This is why I buy on eBay above all others!

    By DBL | January 10, 2010

    I was recently asked a question,  ‘If I had an eBay wish, what would it be?’ The answer Anorak gave was for people to stop saying that they had been ripped off by eBay.

    When I explain to people what my chosen career is,  many respond with every problem that they or their relative/friend has ever had,  ‘eBay ripped me off’ or ‘my item didn’t arrive’ or ‘eBay/Paypal did this or that’.  Tarring every transaction as if they’d bought it from one big seller by the name of eBay.

    I have a little bit of news to share, eBay doesn’t sell anything apart from space on it’s site for other sellers to sell.  Now without going down the ‘who is the customer’ chicken & egg route, if you got ripped off, it was a single seller who lists on the site not eBay.

    So why would Anorak say to trust eBay above all?

    Ask yourself this … Where else can I find a seller with thousands of transactions and see how many of those buyers were satisfied with the service? If I were to buy from a High Street name website I don’t know how many unsatisfied customers they’ve had and what part of their customer service was lacking, but eBay sellers wear their reputation on their sleeve for all to see.

    Not only that but the star rating (DSR) system makes it even easier for a buyer to trust an eBay seller, they’re rated by each buyer on four different criteria; whether the goods are as described, on communication, on dispatch (not to be confused with delivery) time and P&P charges.

    So, two things, if you’re buying from eBay Read the Sellers Feedback it’s there to help you buy from a trusted seller.

    And two, If you are happy with your sellers performance Don’t forget to leave positive feedback and 5 Stars!  Support good eBay sellers and the bad ones will be a thing of the past, in theory anyway.

    Use your excellent eBay sellers, their service is impeccable, they’re the best!

    What are your GOOD experiences on eBay?

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    2 Responses to “This is why I buy on eBay above all others!”

    1. Fozz Says:
      January 10th, 2010 at 5:37 pm

      Nice piece Anorak.
      We have Top Seller Status on ebay , and the pressure to maintain that , and to try and ensure everyone leaves us 5 * DSR’s means we have to deliver top-drawer service and most importantly prompt dispatch.

      When buying on the internet , where i have the choice I prefer to opt for an ebay seller (ideally one with pressure to maintain Top Seller Status) rather than a website for that very reason.

    2. Fozz Says:
      January 10th, 2010 at 6:32 pm

      Yes #3 , unfortunately you usually only hear the horror stories. As a buyer i can’t recall ever being “ripped off” on ebay.

      I agree TRS needs more promotion , as I doubt many buyers even know that it exists.