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    eBay niggles that make my blood boil!

    By DBL | January 11, 2010

    Perhaps niggle is too small a word.  

     eBay Top Rated Sellers (TRS) have to maintain very high standards of customer service and have a fast despatch record. These are supposed to be the cream of eBay business sellers, yet all too often Anorak sees the phrase ‘I am not responsible for items lost in the post’, ‘I do not accept returns’ and ‘Refund on return less eBay and Paypal fees’.

    I can honestly say that eBay must take some of the heat here. eBay has made it easy for the Mumpreneur, the front room/garage based business and the teenage start up to progress in the world of online retailing at low cost. 

    Many of the current 123k businesses that started on eBay were hobby sellers before they were businesses. Learning about Distant Selling Regulations, EC Rulings and UK business law is usually not on the priority list.

    eBay, please, what does it take to send out an email or short multiple choice button survey to all new business registered sellers to let them know that these phrases/terms are not permitted? You may only be a venue, but to be a good venue with the high reputation and buyer experience you seek, don’t you need to have more helpful resources available to make sure these Top Rated Sellers are complying with the law?

    For those who are interested ebay has some good information even though it may be hard to find at times, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AS A CONSUMER is a good place to start whether you are a buyer or a seller.

    Back to work, I have a TRS badge to live up to!

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