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    eBay Help and Advice for the Small Business

    By DBL | September 19, 2010

    I recently read an article on my favourite eBay Blog,  Tamebay about eBay forming a New Business Development Team for US big brand retailers.

    The comments that followed asked for a Small Business Development Team for the UK that is ‘small business friendly’ and with ‘facilitators rather than advisors’, what would be the ideal Small Business Development Team for your business?

    My experience with SME using eBay for the very first time, where most have only personal buying experience on the site, are getting ‘mediocre’ results or thinking ‘there must be more to this‘.

    Some clients expect the turnover line to go skyward without effort, some see the solution as quantitative.  ‘I want 1000 lines on there ASAP‘ but I have to express that it’s about ‘Quality first then Quantity‘.  A new or even a time served seller can have an eBay shop with thousands of products in it but if the listings, shop and service is of poor quality, that turnover graph will reflect the same.

    eBay is unlike any other platform and the support for the eBay start-up is very lean indeed as outlined in my earlier post eBay, where’s the education now? eBay is hard work but hard work pays off.

    Every business starts somewhere and ‘Oak trees from little acorns grow’. Let’s not turn eBay into another boring High Street clone online but also give a choice to the buyer of the good independent retailer and support them too, they give a better ‘buyer experience’ that is talked about so much by eBay and forgotten by the majority of big retailers nowadays 🙂

    My questions to you are:

    1. If eBay had a small business development team, what would you expect from it?

    2. Where do you currently get support from and is this adequate for your needs as a business?

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