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    eBay & YouTube used to catch 195mph speeder

    By DBL | December 27, 2010

    Police in the US used eBay and YouTube to charge a guy for speeding up to 195mph  in his Corvette as reported by website Car Advice.com

    Cody Replogle used links to YouTube videos in his eBay listing to show just how fast it was by driving at 195mph on a highway. Telling potential buyers the car was in 5th gear with more to go, police watched the video and charged him.

    Using video in your listings will help your item to sell for more, buyers can get a better idea of the quality of the item but Anorak recommends that you don’t break the law in your film or you may end up in the clink!

    The eBay Motors listing for the Corvette can still be viewed but the videos have been taken down.

    Nice car!

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