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    Amazonification of eBay, this bit next please!

    By DBL | December 28, 2010

    The term ‘Amazonification of eBay’ has been banded about the eBay community for some time, used to describe how eBay is getting more like Amazon as time passes.

    If eBay were to take anything from the Amazon model it should be the handling of returns.  Buyer wants to return, click, no problem.

    Most eBay sellers will refund/exchange without any problems. Unfortunately some eBay buyers feel they have to threaten bad feedback to get their money back, some even use it as an opportunity extort more goods ‘or else’. Is this due to the eBay returns process not being so easy? Do buyers feel they have to threaten due to a previous bad experience?

    I would like all disputes to go through the eBay Resolution Centre and those closed satisfactorily, archived for future reference. Only open unresolved cases counted towards a sellers performance assessment for TRS (Top Rated Seller) status.

    I get claims only occasionally and those are by private email and through the messaging system with INR’s (items not received). It would be more ‘official’ if these claims all went via eBay resolution system, I would like to direct buyers via this system and then deal with them accordingly within the dispute process and not have the cases dealt with go against me.

    This would help eBay find a pattern with serial INR (item not received), as they may have wrong address details in of course LOL) and also SNAD (significantly not as described) claimants that are usually lost within the sellers messaging rather than counted officially.

    This would cut down the amount of time and stress for the business seller and also give the buyer more confidence to purchase, knowing there is a simple returns process should they be unhappy for ANY reason.

    This way the additional claims caused by the nature of specific categories, such as clothing sellers’ returns due to fit, would not go against the seller as a SNAD claim if they are dealt with accordingly and at the same time give that good buyer experience that eBay seeks.

    To coin an eBay phrase I read somewhere once that ‘we believe everyone is basically good’ well … this goes for sellers too, give them the chance not to be penalised for good customer service but route out the buyers who dishonestly take advantage of the flawed system.

    What do you think?

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