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    eBay, can I have an exchange counter please?

    By DBL | January 30, 2011

    I’ve been doing a lot of work for a local eBay client, managing their eBay operation for a while due to a member of staff leaving at short notice.  Anorak is a busy lady of late!

    My own sales are now minimal and may even cease on one account shortly as I work more and more on eBay for business clients accounts instead of my own.  Each client sells different items and each eBay account has different obstacles to overcome on a number of different angles around the eBay selling platform.  These experiences add to my quota for eBay brain fodder for future resurrection and also to feed my every growing addiction for knowledge on my chosen career subject/path.

    This week has seen a three buyers asking to exchange an item available in 3 different sizes for a different size.  Although all sizes are given in the listing, the item was just that little bit too big or too small.

    eBay can we have an exchange platform?  It would be an easier way to process an exchange if the buyer was able to request an exchange and see the additional re postage cost of the replacement item.

    The current eBay returns process just gives a choice to refund, a choice to exchange with a guide to a company’s exchange process would certainly help many sellers especially in the clothing business when a wrong size has been purchased. This would also allow people to buy two sizes and return the unwanted one.

    How do you deal with product exchanges and do you think this would be a helpful platform to improve the buyer experience?

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