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    Multi variation listings limit & duplicate listing removal

    By DBL | May 22, 2011

    This week saw the start of the implementation of the  duplicate listings policy and from Monday 16 May the automatic sweep began to identify duplicate listings and Tuesday saw the start of those being removed from the site.

    Currently on the first sweep those ended listings will result in a refund of the relevant fees associated with them.  If you relist them, or you have an automated relist in place on those listings (worth checking) on subsequent sweeps, sellers will not get their fees refunded and will most likely end up with a duplicate listing policy violation. The first sweep will take several days due to the sheer volume of duplicate listings, but I hear this will get faster as the site is cleaned of duplicates.

    If you’re not sure whether you have any duplicate listings eBay have provided a duplicate listing finder tool (sign in required) specifically for the purpose.

    While at the Channel Advisor EU Catalyst Conference in London this week, I asked an eBay Account Manager if there were any plans to increase the amount of variants allowed on a multi variant listing (MVL), there are currently 150, this is not enough.  One listing I did last weekend had 5 sizes, 12 colours and 5 pack sizes totalling 300 variants, so this meant I had to either split it into two separate MVL’s or omit some of the variants.  Splitting into two variants will dilute the Best Match boost of the product between both and omitting variants or pack sizes (to save on postage on a free P&P listing) will lower the buyer experience. My request has been noted but I won’t hold my breath.

    So with the duplicate listings now being removed, can we please have more variants allowed in MVL’s?

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