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    Sue Bailey, so long my friend, sleep well :'(

    By DBL | August 18, 2011

    It took so long to start to write this, the news of Sue’s death was a real shock to me as it was to many and I didn’t think that there was anything I could write that would do her justice. Sue touched the online lives of many and her work and influence will be left behind in cyberspace for as long as it exists, as it will be with me.

    ‘Remembering and being reminded of the Sue we all know and love’ said Chris, when I said I didn’t know what to write, so here are a few memories of Sue Bailey, my blogmum.

    My first cyber encounter was as a fellow bead seller on the Powerseller board many years ago probably circa 2004. Sue & Jazzy called me the ‘Demon Bead Lady’ and from then on I was known as DBL.  This came about when a US buyer accused me of putting demons in the beads she’d bought (not the typical eBay buyer I must add).

    Many lovely memories of those Powerseller board days. So many good times, laughing about anything and nothing, she’d put #eBay straight on many things and that never changed, even in one of her last Tamebay posts entitled eBay, this is why you deserve to fail she never held back.

    I met Chris and Sue face to face for the first time at the eBay University at Coventry Stadium (2006 I think) a good few months before the first Tamebay blog post it’s one of those things with the web and the Powerseller board, you meet someone for the first time face to face and you already know so much about them. Tamebay was a breath of fresh air with it’s own brand of  ‘eBayness’ and is the only place to go for up to date eBay news and information.

    We kept in touch and met up at lots of eBay events.  She helped me move my pathetic attempt at a blog on typepad over to wordpress.org and hosted it for me.  I make words up now and again and ‘blogsprog’ was one she found rather funny and introduced me as so. Even Whirly said we were crazy (pot kettle).

    She had so much patience and gave encouragement as I aspired to be a better blogger (the importance of regular blogging and outside links etc, well at least I’ve done one of those) and I even had a guest post on Tamebay too, such an honour.

    When she left eBay selling to start ‘a real job’ we caught up now and again after London events to discuss the ‘goss’,  over a ‘little’ white wine and chocolate cake. I remember a late night walking tour of Hammersmith during SB2.0 and sitting on a wall putting the world to rights and laughing so loud over something which I can’t mention here, but let me just say it was one of those ‘Sue’ tells it like it is’ type moments. The words mischief and mayhem come to mind if the chance arose.

    Sue had a great taste in boots and I took a photo of these ‘fairy boots’ she had from John Pemberton white DrMartens with silver flowers, by the sounds of other tribute posts the boots and heels were noted too.

    Lets just say, when she had an opinion, she didn’t hold back and she had such a straight talking ‘tell it like it is’ attitude that I loved.  As the Farewell Sue Bailey Tamebay announcement said, Sue would give her honest, no holds barred opinion and was usually right. This was so true and one of the things I loved about her.

    Remembering sayings as hash tags (due to censorship) #CTFIASTFD, #FTFO, #OFY & #FFFSFO.

    In Sue’s words she was a ‘WordPress whisperer, blogger, writer, eBay fan, humanist, atheist, liberal, socialist, feminist, cat slave, wino, Whovian, amateur librarian, storyvore’

    Some people make a huge difference in your life in many ways, Sue Bailey was one of them, thanks Sue for everything in tribute to an intelligent, beautiful and strong woman … I’ll never forget you my friend.

    Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on‘ ~Eckhart Tolle

    To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.’~Thomas Campbell. Thanks to Taexalia for that.

    So long my friend sleep well until we meet again x





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