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    eBay Syncs User Email Accounts with Its Own Messaging System

    By DBL | June 26, 2012

    Interesting reading this week on eCommerceBytes regarding the eBay.com announcement titled ‘We’re Making Communication with Fellow eBay Members Even Easier!‘ sounds fine but it get’s really scary when you read on to find that eBay is planning to sync your registered eBay email address with the ‘My Messages’ section.

    ‘Starting next week, your email account associated with your eBay user ID will be automatically synched with your eBay My Messages folder. This means if you prefer to reply to an email through your email account, there’s no need to navigate to My Messages to mark the item as ‘Read’—it will be done automatically.  Those sent messages from your email address will also be routed automatically to your ‘Sent’ folder in My Messages.

    We hope this enhancement makes communicating with other eBay members even easier.’

    The idea is that you can reply via your own email account and instead of having to go to My Messages and mark it as read eBay will do this automatically for you.  How nice of them? This smacks of something more sinister, call me suspicious but apart from the legality of it (and I’m not sure what US law says) it is pretty scary stuff.

    I’ll leave you with that one … :-s


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