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    The Manchester Online Seller Meetup 5-2-13

    By DBL | February 10, 2013

    I had the very great pleasure to present at the iWoCa sponsored Online Seller Meetup in Manchester on Tuesday night alongside Chris Dawson from Tamebay and Ian from 3P Logistics, I have to say this was one of the best I’ve attended for many reasons.

    Wanting to go first due to nerves was the best idea although I don’t remember a lot from the slides due to the adrenaline rush it seemed that my Understanding Best Match Search presentation had some great feedback from those in attendance, Tamebay article is here.

    I usually use a white board, this mainly to my loathing of death by Powerpoint presentations but the slides seemed to do the job.  Best Match Search is my most favourite Anorak subject and I’m now losing sleep time studying the future advancements of this subject  (watch this space).

    Chris Dawson followed with the insights of the changes coming to eBay & Amazon over the next twelve months, the new way eBay is combining visual search to update your feed in real time. Ian from 3PLogistics introduced us to the advantages of outsourced fulfilment, letting someone else take the strain of your despatch process.

    The venue, The Red Lion was very relaxed, food and drink in abundance and iWoCa picked up the tab. In the absence of the eBay University in the UK the last being nearly six years ago, eBay and Online Sellers have been short of a networking group to share time served tips. tricks and real insider knowledge on how these platforms and the associated processes work.  Christoph Rieche and the iWoCa team have revived what was once a great get together into a powerful meeting of some of the biggest sellers, solution providers and experts in the business to share their knowledge for free over drinks and food in a relaxed atmosphere.

    So, who are iWoCa and what do they do?  So, you get the chance of a great deal from a supplier or an on the spot Trade show deal too good to miss but you haven’t got the ready spondoolics to close the deal.  iWoCa can basically give you finance in a matter of minutes.  They help online sellers in the UK sell more by financing their growth based on annual sales and customer feedback scores, factors that a traditional lender won’t consider. And, I have to add, they genuinely are nice guys too.

    If you are wondering whether to attend a Meetup I recommend you do, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  All info on the various venues in London, Birmingham & Manchester are on the Meetup Page here and if you sign up you’ll get to know when and where the next ones are as people are requesting more venues across the UK.

    Looking forward to the London Meetup, sadly I’m not presenting but will be there for a chat just the same, if you come along please come over for a chat it would be good to meet you 😉

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