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    eBay for business pain points, what are yours?

    By DBL | May 10, 2011

    Many of my eBay for business clients have eBay business pain points whether they be customer service issues reflecting on DSR (Detailed Seller Ratings) scores or despatch problems.

    There seems to be certain types of problems for certain types of business. B&M (bricks & mortar) businesses coming to eBay for the first time are not prepared for the amount of customer service that eBay buyers demand. These companies are used to despatching items in a reasonable time scale without any other contact with their customers.

    eBay buyers expect their goods next day or the ‘WOW’ factor diminishes resulting in lower scores for despatch time DSR. Buyers see this as delivery time rather than despatch time.  They expect an answer to their questions extremely quickly regardless of the day or time of a low DSR for communication may follow.  With that big DSR stick buyers carry that can seriously damage your search ranking and sales, customer care and service must be of paramount importance to your eBay business.

    Some are bemused by the sheer scale of eBay’s rules, regulations and requirements, often falling foul of eBay policies without prior knowledge of the policies they’ve broken. I often get frantic phone calls from new clients when they run into trouble hoping for a quick fix.  Low DSR’s can be with you for up to 12 months especially if you are a low volume seller there ‘s a lot of hard work to do to regain it.

    We’re talking constructively here, I’m interested in what your eBay business pain points are and what you think would solve them.


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