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    The Wonderful Small World of eBay and the 50’s American Diner

    By DBL | November 22, 2008

    I was wondering what to write about today and had an email from a YouTube subscription update from the 50’s American Diner in Church Gresley, not too far away from the Anorak’s humble abode.

    The authentic 50’s American Diner was once in Cambridge, Mass US and was purchased on eBay and to cut a long story short, found it’s long amazing journey to the South Derbyshire Village of Church Gresley. It was lovingly restored and Anorak’s brother Wilf did some glazing work for it’s owners Trish & Jeff who told me he had sold his Chrysler PT cruiser, also purchased on ebay to help fund the car park.  He now boasts another piece of automobilia in the shape of the one and only Mystery Machinestyled on the Scooby Doo & friends’ mode of transport. 

    So Anorak’s Aunt & Uncle came to visit from Mass US and we took a special private visit to the Diner for lunch.  The story unfolded that my Uncle ate in the Diner all those years ago in Cambridge as they came back from numerous games of Gaelic football.

    If you are ever wanting a meal that is just something different then this is the place to visit.  The YouTube update was for this clip from an american news programmewhere the presenters have a joke about Jeff’s accent in comparison to the US accent.

    Which brings me to many a correspondence with my fellow US eBay Anorak eBetsy who is in training in the art of understanding the slang of ‘Swad speak’ at the moment and when we eventually meet she will be able to understand the meanderings of the eBay Anorak from Swad (that is Swadlincote to other folk) and translate to her friends.

    Anorak is off for a Bourbon Street Steak (Jack Daniels, garlic and mushroom sauce) check out the check out the Live Webcam and the diner Menu mmm!

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