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    How’s your eBay Shop traffic Lately?

    By DBL | March 24, 2013

    As noted in previous posts I share lots of free advice when I’m out and about, purely due to me being a total Anorak when it comes to eBay, my chosen obsession and career path. My short presentation on Understanding eBay’s Best Match search and how to get the best from it at the iwoca sponsored Manchester UK Online Sellers Meetup went down very well with some really encouraging comments.

    I enjoy sharing tips during conversation I talk a lot but if I am sharing some of this stuff for free, why would someone want to pay me for it? Why have a consultancy day?  As I’ve said many times while the  basic principles of eBay selling is the same when it comes to eBay businesses one size does not fit all,  different products, categories, back end processes, feedback all are different and there’s more to it than ‘how to list on eBay’ etc.

    I had a conversation with John Pemberton from DesignerClothing2U  he said I should show a little of what I do for eBay for business sellers so I’ve chosen to share this picture with you all as an example.  This is the traffic to a client’s eBay shop, a suggested change was made among others and the result is plain to see ‘click to embiggen’ should you require.

    screen shot of  G omniture traffic watermarked

    The increase in eBay shop traffic was immediate, this is one example of the many changes I may suggest. My goal is to increase traffic yes, but also save you some fire fighting time in the everyday process of eBay selling, time is money but also better spent in growth of your business rather than fighting day to day processes.

    All advice will go toward increasing your sales, that is the part that takes some extra time and hard work on your part but on a more enlightened targeted path.  If you are looking for someone to come in do a few clicks and make you millions it’s not me, if you want a get rich quick scheme, that’s not me either and anyone who tells you they can do this is lying.

    Do I know everything about eBay? No, but does any one person really know everything about this global online marketplace? One thing I can say is that I live and breathe the site twelve hours a day seven days a week I’m not called the eBayAnorak for nothing. I love to learn whatever I can about the site, learn the nuances of eBay.

    No one knows your business like you do, I know the ins and outs of eBay so I work with you to bring the two together to meet somewhere in the middle to make the best of both.

    On a day’s consultancy you won’t see any PowerPoint presentations as again your business is different form any other, all work is bespoke in a discussion like format and although my preparation work, set things to discuss and previously written notes etc are used during the day, all is bespoke and organic to you, your business and processes. I may tell you things you don’t want to hear, I’m not a yes woman, you pay me to give you advice, I’m going to do that but whatever I recommend there are hard and fast, tried and tested evidence behind it. I will show you how to use Best Match search to your advantage rather than the typical things I find where sellers actually scupper their search standing through their usual day to day selling processes.

    I love my job, it’s not like real work as I like it too much and meet the most wonderful of people, give me a shout if you want to chat re a day’s consultancy.  Anorak must get back to listing this blogging lark is hellish I need another eBay fix yo :-p

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