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    eBay Global Buying Hub a new toy to spend on!

    By DBL | February 10, 2009

    Anorak’s been playing on eBay’s new Global Buying Hub and I can see it costing me more time & money because it makes it so easy to find those must have items from the 16 eBay marketplaces around the world all in one place.

    On going to global.ebay.com (please notice no www.) the first thing that struck me is it’s simple clean & uncluttered ‘old style eBay’  home page.

    Is this global hub something for the future?  Maybe not as different rules & policies on different sites around the world would be difficult to adhere to on a global site.

    First you’ll enter your country and language.  There are sixteen languages available at this point, this will rise at the end of next month to twenty after the next update, covering a staggering 3 billion ebayers’ language around the world.

    When a search keyword is entered, it will only show those products around the globe that are available for shipping to your country saving oodles of time trawling through different eBay sites and sending those ‘Do you ship to the UK?’ ASQ (Ask Seller a Question) emails. Also very conveniently showing the products in your own currency making it easy to see exactly how much you’re going spend.

    The global hub has it’s own unique & simple category tree as each country has different categories it resembles a much simpler range like the eBay of old. No item specifics here either.  To ‘watch’ an item you will have to click on the ‘see original listing’ link and the listings are shown in the new eBay listing format, the shipping calculator is a nifty tool to show exact cost of shipping avoiding more ASQ’s.

    One interesting point though, if you watched BBC Watchdog on knives for sale on eBay yesterday a search for ‘knife’ and the refined searches for ‘bowie knife’ ‘hunting knife’ & ‘Rambo knife’ are disturbing to see, the sort of knife available within and to the UK with free postage on some listings. A more in depth article on this can be read here on Tamebay.

    Anorak is off to play spend investigate more!


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