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    What is a Paypal Top Up Card?

    By DBL | February 15, 2009

    Another question I’ve been asked is about the Paypal top up card

    The Paypal top up card costs £4.95 and can be topped up from your Paypal account for free, Paypoint or at a Post Office (costs £1). Monies transferred from your Paypal account appear on your card’s balance in around 24 hours whereas a Paypal transfer to one’s bank account takes 3-5 days, although you don’t need a bank account for a top up card as long as you are over 16.

    Just like a debit card the Paypal Top Up Card can be used anywhere displaying the VISA sign with a chip & PIN either at home or abroad. There are few small charges for use including one for withdrawing cash of £2 and ATM withdrawals overseas is £3. If you transfer from your Paypal balance and use as a VISA it won’t cost you a penny to use it at home but there’s a 2.75% fee for all overseas transactions.

    Anorak found it of great value on the run up to Christmas, transferring smaller amounts over a period of time and then letting loose in London on a mega shop,  a blast in our local HMV shop and also online for some last minute Amazon.co.uk Christmas stocking fillers.

    I’m now using it to save for … well whatever the next thing I need and when. Ideal for Christmas club type saving, as a monthly allowance for your college/Uni kids or just a way of accessing your cash or getting it to your loved ones when it’s needed. The Paypal Top U Card FAQ’s are here.

    So, start your own Christmas Club, bypass your bank and save it on a Paypal Top Up Card!

    Anorak is off to see what to spend on next.


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